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One kart, All spirituality.

Whether it’s Durga maa’s blessings you seek, or a shower Vishnu’s fortune, you’ve come to the right page. With the storm of online processes and internet facilitation, even spirituality has moved to the digital world and Yantrakart is on top of it all.

From Rama to Sita, and Gita

Think we are losing out on our rich culture and treasure trove of mythology? Yantrakart is here to save the day! We offer books and posters that tell the stories and tales that make us what we are today. In the finest prints and the most time-honoured editions, we offer you the epic Ramcharitmanas, the holy Bhagvad Gita, anecdotes and narratives bound alluringly into the Sundarkand, glorious embodiments of Lord Ganesha, awe-inspiring graphics of Lord Krishna and much more.

Chowkis and Pujas to keep you safe

Our culture has always emphasized on the importance and effect of vibes and energies, even that of inanimate objects. Yantrakart offers you authentic chowkis and puja vessels that are spiritually sound and keep you protected from evil, making place for love and joy. Candles and incense sticks of the most fragrant kinds are available too, to set the vibe right.

The ideal place for idols

No more wondering about genuineness! Yantrakart brings to you a certified collection of beautifully handcrafted brass idols that stand as an ode to your faith and spirituality. Infused with red and green stones and painted with intricate detail, these idols come with a guarantee as sure as your belief.

Keeping the faith alive

In a world where everything is accessible at your fingertips, we thought faith too, must move with technology. Hence came into being, Yantrakart, an online store to fulfil the needs of a regular pious Indian. We aim to act as the hands safeguarding of the diya flame that is the Indian culture.

Message from the founder

No matter how far and how fast we move, at the core of our culture lies immense devotion and faith. Yantrakart aims to serve as a medium to bring you closer to your search for spirituality and the roots that hold you because we truly believe that a country cannot progress if its forget the places it comes from.

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