Brass Kumkum Container Brass Kumkum Container Brass Kumkum Container
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Brass Kumkum Container

Brass Kumkum Container

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    Prayer Vessels are an indispensable part of any Hindu prayers . Chant the name of the lord with the ring of the divine bell, pour the holy water with the Katori and spread an aura of holiness in your surroundings with the different Incense stands available with YantraKart.Put the Ghee inside the holy Yagna with ease and keep the holy Shivling to fill the entire house with positivity. YantraKart will provide you with the top quality accessories to complete your Puja with devotion.Kumkum in the powdered form is useful in many of the social and religious markings in Hindu culture. This powder mostly made out of mixing powdered turmeric with slaked lime is of pretty great importance mostly for the married Hindu women who consider it as a signage of marriage and its regular usage is advised for prolonging the happy streak in one’s married life. The application of Kumkum on the forehead is considered auspicious at religious occasions. Kumkum container is something that is obvious to be found in the makeup box of a Hindu married woman. Gifting a Kumkum container is also considered as passing the wishes of a happy married life.


    • Width: 2.8 Inch
    • Height: 2.6 Inch
    • Weight: 0.031 Kg

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