Asht Laxmi Yantra Asht Laxmi Yantra Asht Laxmi Yantra Asht Laxmi Yantra Asht Laxmi Yantra Asht Laxmi Yantra
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Asht Laxmi Yantra

Asht Laxmi Yantra

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    Asht Lakshmi Yantra

    Om Shreem Mahalakshmi Namah Ashta Aishwaryam Samridhim Mey Dehi Tapaya Swaha Shreem Mahalakshmi Namah

    The Goddess of wealth, Asht Lakshmi precides over eight sources of wealth. Since ages, the Goddess has been worshipped in a group, in temples. Asht Lakshmi is widely worshipped both in and among the other South Indian Hindu communities. There are beliefs prolonging since ages of how all her devotees are helped to achieve all sorts of wealth. The Goddess is worshipped to attain wealth. She is worshipped with the aim of attaining eight earthly forms namely money, food, education, success, luck and strength.

    How to Establish the Yantra?

    A Yantra is an instrument of the mystical diagram that is related geographically to five various elements of nature. It is an apparatus, formed to attain Siddhi, fulfill one's desires and ambitions, in a faster process. Once the form is entirely energised with utmost skill and sincerity, Yantras then can help warding off evil effects of planets, spirits or one's adversaries

    The most important thing for a Yantra is to be energized as it has to be brought "to life" through the specifically prescribed ritual so that it can easily radiate its benefits.

    Before beginning the Strotra, the place should be purified with Gangajal. Then, establish the idol of Goddess Lakshmi, along with Shree Yantra in the north-east corner of the home, also Worship the Shree Yantra while offering your prayers to the Goddess. Please chant the Lakshmi Mantra while worshipping the Goddess. The Pooja ceremony must be concluded by reciting the Lakshmi Katha. Bhog or Kheer has offered to the Goddess at the end of the Pooja and then should be distributed among other members of the family.

    Guidelines for the Pooja

    The best days for performing Pooja is Friday and on Panchami, Pournima and Amavashya Tithis

    Requirements for the Pooja: 

    • Kalash Sthapana. 
    • Panchang Sthapana.
    • 64 Yogini Poojan. 
    • Shetrapal Poojan. 
    • Swasti Vachan.
    • Sankalpa. 
    • Ganesh Poojan.
    • Abhishek.
    • Navgraha Poojan. 
    • 108 chants of each planetary Mantra, Invocation of major Gods and Goddesses in Kalash, Laxmi Yantra Poojan, Lakshmi Suktam, Ashta Lakshmi Mantra,  Japa, Ashta Laxmi Yagna,  aarti and pushpanjali.

    Follow this procedure for the Pooja:

    • Start the ritual with a fresh and positive mind.
    • Sit on the floor, facing the direction east.
    • Light candles and incense sticks.
    • A bowl containing fresh flowers and fresh fruits.
    • Place the Yantra along with the picture of the Goddess.
    • Sprinkle water on the Yantra and on yourself with any kind leaf.
    • Devote yourself to God and chant the Mantra.

    Om Shreem Mahalakshmi Namah Ashta Aishwaryam Samridhim 

    Mey Dehi Tapaya Swaha Shreem Mahalakshmi Namah

    Now pray to the Goddess, conveying your thoughts and desires and be thankful to her.

    Significance/Practical Benefits
    • Business failure.
    • Loss of accumulated wealth.
    • Loss of immovable property.
    • People who are suffering from financial crunches.


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