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Kuber Yantra

Kuber Yantra

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    “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha”

    The meaning of Yantra literally means instrument. A yantra is basically a geometric figure that acts as an exceedingly effective means for scrutiny, deliberation and meditation. The word yantra is derived from a word called “Yuj” which means to merge or fuse.

    Kuber is the God of the wealth according to the Vedic scriptures. In the divine planets, Kuber is the wealthiest of all. According to Hinduism, Kuber is the actual god of riches. He is also called as the Lord of Yakshas. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, Kubera sits beside Lord Shiva and blesses the devotees who worship him.


    For the attainment of wealth and prosperity, Kubera Yantra is the yantra that has to be used. Offering prayers to the Kubera Yantra invigorates the soul and the mind with optimistic vigour. This yantra is considered to be a mystical device that attracts success and wealth. The Kubera Yantra is inscribed with luck lines. The total of row and columns sums up to 72. It is a number that denotes prosperity.  

    Kubera Yantra venerates the lives of; business traders who aspire to grow in their trade, people who struggle to recuperate the gone wealth, people who are longing to procure material comforts, people who wish to escalate their income flow, people desiring to advance their life style, etc. 


    The alternate mantra for the Kubera Yantra is:

    Om Dhanitapaya Vidh Mahe

    Raja Rajaya Dhi Mahi

    Tanno Kubera Prachodayat.


    The Yantra can be placed in the temple room that is the pooja room of the home. In the office, it can be kept in the cash box on a red clean cloth. The yantra must always be kept in a cleaner place so that the positive energy will always be present. The yantra can also be kept it the purse. Be it house or office the east or the north corner is the right place to place the Kubera Yantra.

    Begin the prayer by reciting the following mantra for 108 times:


    “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha”


    ·      Start with the purification of your body i.e. bath first and start with clean thoughts and positive mind state.

    ·      Find a place where you will be uninterrupted, and the place should be facing east.

    ·      Light candle, oil lamp or ghee lamp in front of the Yantra.

    ·      Put sandalwood dots on the four corners of the Yantra and also a dot on the middle of it.

    ·      Offer a fresh flower and fruit on the dais.

    ·      Wipe it neatly and cleanly with lotus petals, rinse the yantra with milk and fragrant water.

    ·      Place the Yantra on clean and pure red silk piece of textile.

    ·      Open the Yantra and place it before the image of the god of the yantra.

    ·      Sprinkle water on yourself and on the yantra with the help of a leaf.

    ·      Close your eyes and pray to the divinity of the yantra with attentiveness.

    The pooja must be performed for seventy-two days in the prescribed method. If the prescribed method is not followed in the correct way the Yantra might not be fruitful and might also lead to negative results.


    By worshiping to the Kubera Yantra, one gains prosperity. This yantra is famous for the powers it possesses. One who owns it will never lack wealth and all the material comforts. And the person owning it will find his house always in a prosperous situation.

    The yantra lauds the believer with money and wealth by, bringing him new ventures to gain income. It helps the person to increase the flow of wealth and also helps in the accumulation of wealth. The Kubera Yantra does not only to gain wealth but also helps to regain the lost wealth. The Yantra helps to raise the standard of living of a person.


    According to the terms of Hinduism, yantras are the articles that help a person to attain insightful concentration. The mantras that are delivered while the prayer helps a person to improve his spiritual level.

    The Yantra makes a person enlighten himself with the supremacy of God. And this will further set free a person from the cycle of life. It helps a person to conquer an everlasting peace.



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