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Kurma Yantra

Kurma Yantra

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    Kurma Yantra.


    Think of a device that can make your life easier and no it’s not your cell phone. A Yantra is something better than a cell phone. Basically, it’s a small device, composed of copper, brass, and gold, silver, etc., amulets or diagrams. It claims to transform energy and are conductors of cosmic energy. Different Yantras transform different kinds of energy into different kinds, based on your requirement. It’s a device for the body and the mind and their interaction with each other and the environment. An effect is felt as soon as you put it to use. It is not only for religious people but also for those people who wish to realize their full potential. It is used to concentrate all one’s psychic abilities and enhance the energy of the body.

    It opens up the mind and creates a new horizon. And one such Yantra is:

    Kurma Yantra.

    Kurma means tortoise in Sanskrit.

    Kurma was an incarnation of Vishnu. He became a tortoise and sat at the bottom of the sea. Then a mountain was kept on his back so the gods and the devils could find some immortality nectar.

    Kurma Yantra is animated with the power of Lord Vishnu, which breaks through your living space with the large amounts of positive energy. It upholds the divine ambiance within the home. 


    Mantra for Yantra

    Any Yantra is incomplete without its Mantra. They both go hand in hand. Both of them when combined form such a powerful force that can alter or transformer energy, they are not just a radon combination of lines sounds. They represent the first subtle expression of the two celestial powers of consciousness and energy, as Mantra and Yantra respectively.

    Mantra for Kurma Yantra is

    ~// Om Kurmaya Namaha //~

    You should recite it regularly before the Yantra 27, 54 or 108 times.




    How to Establish the Yantra

    But before using a Yantra, it has to be cleaned properly. The copper is to be regularly cleaned. Traditionally, it is to be washed with a cotton ball or lemon juice and cloth. Baking soda can also be used, and anything else is not recommended, as it is a precious piece of treasure.

    Before using it for pooja, “Life” has to be breathed into it (pranapratishta).


    Purifying of Kurma Yantra, the mantra associated with that is:

    ~// Om Krom Om Strim Om Krom Tamreshvari Yantram Me Shodhaya //~

    The ceremony establishes the 35 Tattvas into the Yantra. It also provides the Yantra with all the six senses, and the Antahkarana, or delicate body.


    Guidelines for the Pooja

    ·      Keep the Yantra in clean air and scared altar.

    ·      A Yantra is extremely valuable, monetary wise and usage wise as well, so other people should not touch it.

    ·      The Yantra has to be placed facing the East or the North altar.

    ·      The Yantra has to be frequently cleansed with rose water

    ·      Place 4 round sandalwood dots on the Yantra one at each corner and one at the center.

    ·      Don’t panic if the color of Yantra fades, after all it’s just a metal, its power will never fade

    ·      Shower and light candles or lamp or incense stick in front of the Yantra. One can give fresh or dry fruits as well

    ·      Now, the Mantra has to be chanted in front of the Yantra and to be repeated as many times as mentioned or instructed.

    Significance / Practical Benefits

    Kurma Yantra has far reaching benefits for those people who lack positive energy, struggle to achieve success in their venture, afflicted by Saturn, need greater stability, who want a more positive establishment to their lives, who experience the tortoise or turtle as an omen to grow in patience, who seek reliability, prolonged existence, wisdom, authenticity. People who go on board on a long-term project that requires persistence.


    According to the Scriptures

    These Yantras have always been an integral part of ancient India and have been prevalent ever since. In Hindu and Tibetan Tantric meditation, Yantras are particularly used as a figurative object, for attaining the insightful state of awareness. They unlock the deep secrets of life and safeguard them with wisdom; they may just ordinary looking gear, but can do wonders.





















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