Maha Mritunjya yantra Maha Mritunjya yantra Maha Mritunjya yantra Maha Mritunjya yantra Maha Mritunjya yantra Maha Mritunjya yantra
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Maha Mritunjya yantra

Maha Mritunjya yantra

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    Maha Mritunjya Yantra

    ~// Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pusti-vardhanam
    Urvarukam-iva bandhana mrtyormuksiya mamritaat //~

    The term Yantra holds the meaning of endeavour, assiduity, ardour, enthusiasm and application of one’s thoughts. Yantra is the Sanskrit word for amulets or diagrams and is supposed to contain mystical powers according to the Hindu religion. Yam and Tantra - these two words combine to form the word Yantra. It can be made up of various objects like paper, stones or metal plates. It is made for a specific purpose and different types of Yantras reverberate in different ways. Yantras behave like a protective shield against all kinds of negative energies and helps attract prosperity, success, happiness, power, peace, relation, fulfilment of wishes, the welfare of children and health. The Maha Mritunjya Yantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is a tool to attract the divine blessings of the Neelkanth. It is also believed that the Lord resides within the Yantra and by worshipping them, one is blessed with happiness, wealth and good fortune.

    How to establish the Yantra

    It is believed that worshipping the Maha Mritunjya Yantra free a person from the troubles and miseries of life.  As Lord Shiva is the God of death, there is religious belief that even death can be conquered by worshipping this Yantra. It should be dipped in water as it holds a sacred belief that this water gets purified by dipping the Yantra into it and the purified water can be drunk to cure many internal diseases. They can even be placed at the main entrance as it will keep away all evils from its residents. One has to keep chanting the following mantra while placing the Mantra:

    ~// Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pusti-vardhanam
    Urvarukam-iva bandhana mrtyormuksiya mamritaat //~

    According to the Vaastu Shastra, the Yantra should be placed in the north or North-East direction facing the South or South-East direction in a room. They can also be worn by embedding it in a Rudraksha Maala. The choice of how to keep the Yantra depends mainly on personal preference.

    Guidelines for the pooja:

    Maha Mritunjya Yantra is extremely powerful to heal all chronic and severe diseases. Not only this, the act of wearing, holding or concentrating on the Yantra is held to have spiritual benefits. It is necessary to perform a Pooja which will invoke the actual power of the Yantra to pacify the gods and goddesses residing within the Yantra. Rituals like the use of camphor, chandan, etc. to conduct this pooja, should be followed. It should be carved or inscribed on copper or silver plate. Coconut, fruits, flowers, incense, are particular items that are offered to the deities. Stepwise procedure of the pooja is as follows:

    1.     Purify your body and start with a positive mind frame.

    2.     Find a place facing east for the Pooja.

    3.     Light the incense or a lamp or a Diya.

    4.     Lay a fresh flower on the altar.

    5.     Place the Yantra in front of the image of the god or goddess of the Yantra.

    6.     Take water with a leaf and sprinkle it on yourself and the Yantra.

    7.     Recite the following mantra 45 times for the purification of your soul:


    ~// Om Hoom Om Joom Sah: Bhoorbhuva swah //~


    8.     Now, close your eyes and pray so that you are blessed.

    Significance/Practical Benefits

    The Yantra provides its worshipper with wealth, prosperity and intelligence. A person is freed from all severe diseases. It saves its devotee from physical and mental problems, accidents and fear of death, etc. There is a conservative estimate that a Yantra begins yielding its results in 45 days.                

    According to the Scriptures

    Traditionally, Yantras are defined as the amulets or the symbols that are used to balance the mind or focus it on spiritual concepts. Various shapes like squares, triangles or circles are employed to build a Yantra. In simple words, it is just means a machine, which vitalises the body, mind and soul of the worshipper. It helps a person to do introspection and results in enlightenment and realization in the power of the god. A person’s thoughts of prosperity and fortune along with a Yantra is bound to yield more fruitful results.


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