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Mahalakshmi Yantra

Mahalakshmi Yantra

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    Mahalakshmi Yantra

    ~// Om Shree Mahalakshmyaaya Namah //~


    Yantras occupy a significant position in the Hindu mythology. According to the great Hindu pantheons, Yantras hold the immense power to shower endless wealth, happiness and prosperity to the one who worships it with an utterly pure mind and soul. Goddess Lakshmi is the epitome of wealth and prosperity. She symbolizes auspiciousness, happiness and internal glory as she is seen seated serenely on a lotus flower which denotes purity of one’s heart and soul. Hence, the Mahalakshmi Yantra is used to attain superfluous glory in matters of money and material comfort. It is generally found adorned with square-shaped copper plates with intricate geometrical patterns consisting of interlocking triangles and squares. It is believed that worshipping this Yantra regularly through chanting the Mantra bestows its owner with an abundance of wealth and fortune. This is why one would notice Mahalakshmi Yantra to be placed in a cash box or an almirah of the house.

    Mahalakshmi Yantra is a combination of four basic Yantras placed at four extreme corners of the plate along with a gold embellished image of Goddess Lakshmi seated at the centre. Mentioned below are the names of these four Yantras:

    ·      Kanakdhara Yantra

    ·      Shri Durga Yantra

    ·      Shri Kailash Yantra

    ·      Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra

    These four Yantras infuse together to empower the owner with endless opportunities related to business matters and money resources.


    How to Establish the Yantra?

    Every Yantra needs to be energized before being worshipped in order to enhance the effectiveness of the positive vibrations that it contains. Mahalakshmi Yantra also has a particular manner that should be followed before proceeding with its Pooja. Wednesday has been chosen as the most auspicious day by the ancient Hindu Sages for carrying out the Mahalakshmi Yantra Sadhana. Since this Yantra is particularly concerned with Goddess Lakshmi, the Sadhana is done on special occasions like Diwali, specifically during the evening hours, when Goddess Lakshmi is said to visit our doorway and shower endless blessings to the people present during the Pooja. Following is the list of required items which must be duly collected by the owner of the Yantra in order to energize it and proceed with the Pooja:

    ·      Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra.

    ·      Yellow Asana.

    ·      Tamra Patra for water.

    ·      Fruits.

    ·      Flowers.

    ·      Gangajala.

    ·      Gol supari.

    ·      Coconut.

    ·      Incense.

    ·      Rudraksha Mala, comprising of 108 beads.


    Guidelines for the Pooja

    It is highly advised that the Yantra be placed in a quite spot of the house where one can worship it with utmost concentration and a positive state of mind.

    Mentioned below is a step by step guide for carrying out the Yantra Pooja and using it on a regular basis:

    ·      Placement of the Yantra is considered to be the most significant step in fixing the Pooja. Keep the Mahalakshmi Yantra on the altar facing north or east direction in a silent spot of the house, preferably in the Pooja Ghar.

    ·      Wash the Yantra with Gangajala, or rose water followed by steadily wiping it with a clean piece of cloth. This may result in a slight change in colour throughout a span of time, but it will not diminish the effect of the Yantra.

    ·      Apply sandalwood and Kumkum on the edge of the Yantra plate and also in the middle.

    ·      Place a yellow Asana on the altar and place Paan leaves along with Gol Supaari on it.

    ·      Light an oil lamp or an incense stick in front of the Yantra.

    ·      Offer fresh fruit and a fresh flower on the altar.

    ·      Do not forget to place an image of the Deity of Yantra (in this case, Goddess Lakshmi) and the God that you worship on a regular basis.

    ·      Now, with utmost sincerity and dedication chant the following Mantra 108 times using Rudraksha mala.


    ~// Om Shree Mahalakshmyaaya Namah //~


    Significance/Practical Benefits

    Mahalakshmi Yantra is the most powerful Yantra in terms of wealth and business matters. It is mostly found in offices and houses of people with flourishing careers in business. The sales of this Yantra are observed to rise exponentially on auspicious occasions like Diwali, which according to Hindu mythology is celebrated to invite good fortune and prosperity in a person’s professional as well as personal life.


    According to the Scriptures

    In the Hindu scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi is claimed to be the “Eternal Goddess of wealth and prosperity”. This is why it is highly believed that the mere “Darshan” of Mahalakshmi Yantra every morning empowers the person with a positive and blissful state of mind.



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