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Shri Gayathri Yantra

Shri Gayathri Yantra

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    Shri Gayathri Yantra





    Yantra is a Sanskrit word meaning a mystical figure which posses’ magical powers in it. It is mainly made up of copper or silver plates with some geometric diagrams imprinted on them. The diagrams signify sacred symbols like dots, squares, triangles, etc. made by Vedic Rishi’s according to Hindu beliefs. Yantras are believed to consist of auspicious and positive powers in them which help in changing negative vibes to positive ones. The Yantra consists of cosmic energies of the universe. The Yantra has generally been used for meditational purpose or is worshipped.





     “Shri Gayathri Yantra” is said to be the strong, effective and powerful Yantra just like the Gayathri Mantra also known as the ‘Guru mantra’. The mantra was written and developed by Brahmarishi Vishwamitra. Goddess Gayathri represents the Yantra. It is believed that Goddess Gayathri resides in the Yantra and helps an individual to overcome all obstacles in his/her life. The goddess has 5 heads signifying the four Vedas and the fifth head representing the divine power of the universe.

    How to Establish the Yantra

    Generally people, who follow astrology or Vastu Shastra, install Gayathri Yantra at their home or work places. The Yantra helps convert any negative energy to positive energy which empowers the individual to successfully accomplish their goals by conquering their obstacles. It also helps bring inner peace and harmony into one’s life. It is very important to position the Yantra correctly to get its maximum benefits. Place the Yantra facing north or south direction in a clean sacred place. According to planetary system, the position of the Yantra should be changed regularly so as to reap maximum benefit.

    Guidelines to do Pooja of the Yantra

    ·      The procedure to install the Yantra should be started on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday.

    ·      Clean your hands and body preferably after shower and start with a positive frame of mind.

    ·      Make sure that you would be facing east while worshipping the Yantra.

    ·      Place dots of sandalwood paste in four corners and in centre of the Yantra.

    ·      Light a diya(lamp) of ghee and incense sticks in front of the Gayathri Yantra.

    ·      Devote few fresh flowers and keep Prasad of dry fruits or sweets.

    ·      Chant the mantra 108 times, if not possible to chant 108 times then chant it for 3, 9 or 18  times depending on time.

    ·      Conclude the Pooja by asking verbally to grant you what you desire in life.

    ·      You can use milk or rose water to clean the Yantra.


    Significance and Benefits of the Yantra are as follows:

    ·      It helps in attaining mental and physical health.

    ·      Ensure peace of mind and harmony.

    ·      Helps in gaining prosperity in life.

    ·      It helps you keep away from bad dreams, ominous souls, etc.

    ·      Brings fortune.

    ·      Each word in the mantra attracts powerful frequencies that help in fulfilling all your wishes.

    ·      The dot in the Yantra signifies completeness and source of all activities.

    ·      Invokes higher powers in the mind of the practitioner or prayer.

    ·      Dispels poverty.

    ·      Increased wisdom, spiritual growth and development.

    ·      Improves immunity and calms the mind.


    According to scriptures

    According to Hindu scriptures, worshipping the Yantra after Pran Pratistha, i.e. after establishing of powers into the Yantra, ensures happiness and satisfaction in life. They are also referred as abodes of the deity that it represents. Each Yantra represents a different deity and thus has a different mantra. It is second strongest mantra after the “OM”. Om is considered to be the source of all sounds in the universe. The mantra was chronicled in Rig Veda in Sanskrit language about 2500-3000 years ago. It was said to be the fruit of Vishwamitra penance and meditation for years. The Yantra awakens the five senses in the body.



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