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Shri Yantra

Shri Yantra

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    Shree Yantra

    ~// Om shrem hreem Shreem Kamala kamalalaye praseed
    praseed Shreem hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmye Namah


    According to Hinduism, it is said that a Yantra is a symbolic or an emblematic portrayal or depiction of a drawing that has got mystical powers in astrological or magical benefits. Due to this, it is said that it helps to fulfill the worshipper’s wishes. These illustrations named Yantra is primarily used in Eastern religions so as to maintain the mind and brain’s balance which is actually based on the concept of spirituality. On these mystical diagrams, different shapes and patterns are employed. These shapes include square, circle, triangle, and floral patterns. In the Hindu culture and tradition, a Yantra has got immense importance. Wearing or worshipping these Yantras are a common practice. Shree Yantra, also known as Shree Chakra, is a diagram that is formed by nine triangles that are interlocked which is radiated from a central point called as Bindu. This Yantra represents Goddess Lakshmi in her form of Tripura Sundari - Beauty of Three Worlds. It is said that Shree Yantra is having so much of power that it has the ability to energize the whole area with positivity if charged with proper spell. If one worships this Yantra daily with full devotion and belief, then he can attain prosperity, success, honor every easily. This Yantra is available in different varieties such as Copper Shree Yantra, Silver or Gold Shree Yantra, etc.


    How to Establish the Yantra?

    The Shree Yantra is very much powerful, and it keeps the ability to fill the surrounding with positive energy when worshiped with the proper spell which we call it as its Mantra. The Yantra must be placed facing towards East.


    Guidelines for the Pooja

    Every Yantra has got its own procedure for worshipping, and this procedure must be strictly followed because if it is not followed by the worshipper then the effect will be adverse. The guidelines for the Shree Yantra Pooja is as follows:

    ·      Before you start with the Pooja, place the Shree Yantra on a red cloth first.

    ·      A cotton dipped in Heena Itra should be placed near the Yantra.

    ·      Lotus, Rose, or any flower which have pleasant fragrance must be offered.

    ·      The Dhoop of Gugal or Saambraani must be offered.

    ·      Light a lamp.

    ·      Offer Prasad. For example, Kheer, fruit, etc.

    ·      After this, start chanting the following Mantra:

    ~// Om shrem hreem Shreem Kamala kamalalaye praseed
    praseed Shreem hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmye Namah

    This Mantra should be chanted for about 108 times while doing the Pooja.


    Significance/Practical Benefits

    Carrying out this Yantra’s Pooja or worshipping this Yantra has lots of benefits which are listed as follows:

    ·      One who worships this Yantra will attain success, prosperity, peace of mind, an honor very easily.

    ·      As this Yantra has the power to energize the surrounding and spread it with a positive charge, worshipping Shree Yantra will create a positive ambiance at your place.

    ·      A charged Shree Yantra will keep your place away from evil eyes and negative energies.

    ·      A job seeker will get a good job, the business of a business tycoon will get flourished.

    ·      Also, one can win the court cases by keeping a charged Shree Yantra.

    It is a complete solution to all of the problems that come in one’s life. It can also be called as a reliable means of solving all kinds of issues.


    According to the Scriptures

    The tradition of Hindus gives a lot of importance to every aspect that is related to spiritual concepts. A Yantra finds an important place for itself in Hindu religion because it is a means or source by which attaining the things one wishes for is possible. Even science agrees with the belief that it has the ability to energize the surrounding with positive nullifying all the negativities. It is said that the Deity of Shree Yantra is Maha Lakshmi. But the actual fact is, as, per Brahmhand Puran, Shree Yantra has the power of the whole universe and hence all Gods and Goddesses are its Deities. According to the epics, Shree Yantra is said to be the kings of all the Yantras. If the Yantra get discharged or any wrong thing is done on it, no matter whether it is intentionally or not, then for re-purifying it, you must chant the above said Mantra for about ten thousand times, perform Hawan and Tarpan and pray to forgive.


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