Ashtadigbanda Yantra Ashtadigbanda Yantra Ashtadigbanda Yantra Ashtadigbanda Yantra Ashtadigbanda Yantra Ashtadigbanda Yantra
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Ashtadigbanda Yantra

Ashtadigbanda Yantra

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    Ashtadigbanda Yantra


    In the Hindu mythology, the term Yantra has immense significance for the abundance of power and protection that it offers to its owner. Generally, It denotes a piece of the diagram of a certain scripture which is to be chanted several times while abiding through a certain set of procedures in order to attain internal glory and satisfaction in a particular domain of life. It aides in invoking and energizing the divine potency of the gods residing in a particular deity which is worshipped by the owner.  There exists huge variety in the range of Yantras available in the market where one can buy them according to one’s personal convenience and requirement to enhance the outcome of a specific activity of one’s daily life.

    The Tamil Yantra of Ashtadigbanda particularly provides protection against all kinds of black magic which seems to adhere to one’s surroundings. Like all other Tamil Yantras, it is given uttermost importance in the Indian culture. Ashtadigbanda Yantra plays a major role during the time when someone builds a house strictly according to the rules of Vastushastra. There have been instances when people notice obscure activities overtaking the positivity of their house. This occurs largely due to a strong pertaining effect of certain black magic activities, and people find themselves in an utter dilemma over combating such happenings. Hence, Ashtadigbanda Yantra is installed in houses or offices to keep all the negativity and bad spirits at bay.


    How to establish the Yantra?

    Before beginning to chant a Yantra, it is necessary to follow a prescribed set of rules and procedures in order to establish and energize it in order to enhance its effect and diminish the possibility, if any, of any sort of side effects that the Yantra might inherit. It is advised to take a refreshing bath in the morning before worshipping it. It should be placed preferably in the Pooja room of the house where one can be seated undisturbed with a calm composure. This will help in developing a fresh and rejuvenating sensation in one’s mind and soul. Place the Yantra with it facing the East direction and offer a fresh flower or two in the altar, preferably white. This should be followed by lighting an incense stick or an oil lamp in front of the Yantra. Regularly worshipping it is considered highly auspicious since it leaves no tinge of negativity in the surrounding. Moreover, you can also wear it in the form of a locket in a black or red thread or silver/gold chain.


    Guidelines to the Pooja

    Mentioned below is a step by step guide to do the Pooja of Ashtadigbanda Yantra. The owner is advised to abide meticulously by them as the Yantra might seem to exhibit side effects in case a step is missed out or wrongly performed during the Pooja.

    ·      First comes the ritual of purification the body which can be attained through a refreshing bath in the morning.

    ·      Place the Yantra in the Pooja room of your house or office with it facing the Eastern direction. Make sure the spot remains undisturbed while you worship with impeccable concentration and utter calmness of mind.

    ·      Sprinkle holy water on the Yantra with the help of a leaf. This act will repel the bad spirits and enhance the ambience. Place it alongside a picture of the Deity which you usually worship.

    ·      Offer fresh white flowers in front of the Yantra plate with a slight bow of the head as a sign of respect for the deity which you worship.

    ·      Light an oil lamp or a diya at the altar of the Yantra.

    ·      Now shut your eyes and then concentrate on the image of the Yantra and the power it possesses while asking god with all sincerity to grant all your wishes and eliminate negativity which seems to persist in your environment.

    ·      Chant the Tamil Yantra several times regularly, preferably during the morning.


    Significance/Practical benefits

    Ashtadigbanda Yantra is of immense significance according to the Hindu pantheons. It is a Tamilian Yantra and greatly helps in bidding adieu to all the evil spirits and bad energies which persist in our environment. This Yantra is usually installed during housewarming Pooja to eliminate the effects of pre-existing evil spirits if any.


    According to the scriptures

    In the Hindu mythology, evil spirits are generally referred to as “Rakshasa” which basically implies a demon. This is where the origination of the notion of evil spirits lies. Hence, remedies like Ashtadigbanda Yantras were introduced by the Hindu sagas to deteriorate the malicious outcomes which these spirits bring to the surroundings.









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