Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra
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Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra

Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra

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    Sri Sudarshana Chakra Yantra

    “Om Namo Bhagavathe
    Maha Sudarshanaya Hoom Bhat”

    “Sreem Hreem Om Sudarshana Chakraya
    Ribhu Chittam Pramaya Pramaya Swaha”


    Yantra is a Sanskrit remark depicting an instrument or machine. This word holds a contextual meaning. It can also stand for symbols, automata, machinery or anything that has structure and organization. It is believed that yantras are very influential and help in bringing peace, prosperity, victory and good health to the believers. Sudarshana is also known as “Chakrathazhvan” in Tamil. This weapon occupies the highest honor among all the weapons owned by Srimath Lord Narayana. Sudarshana Chakra is weapon owned by Lord Vishnu/Krishna used for the eventual demolition of an enemy and shielding good over evil. Sudarshana Chakra beautifies the right rear hand of the four hands of Mahavishnu. This disk-like weapon comprises of thousands of pointed edges and produces unendurable heat. The factual sense of the word Sudarshana is "fortunate visualization". Sudarshana is made up of two words, Su referring auspicious and Darshana connotes vision. It acts as a divine shield against all the evils and neagtivities. Sudarshana has healing powers, worshipped by Vaishnavas and regarded as the god who helps the believers to triumph over the complicated path to attain the lord.

    How to establish the Yantra

    The Sudarshana Yantra is regarded to break all the clutches of unnecessary sufferings and worries. This yantra imparts energetic vibrations that relieve the believer from mental stress and worries. Before using, the Yantra must be placed facing the East or North in a clean and sacred altar and washed with rose water or milk, It should be wiped with a clean cloth. Round dots of sandalwood paste should be placed on four corners and in the center of the yantra. A candle or incense stick must be lit and fresh fruits, or dry fruits should be offered as Prasad. The following mantra should be chanted in front of the Yantra.

    “Om Namo Bhagavathe
    Maha Sudarshanaya Hoom Bhat”

    “Sreem Hreem Om Sudarshana Chakraya
    Ribhu Chittam Pramaya Pramaya Swaha”


    Chanting of Sudarshana Mantra should be done only after taking a bath. Before chanting the sudarshana Mantra, the name of Lord Maha Vishnu must be chanted as in  “Om Namo Narayanaya”. Chanting of this yantra must be done with immense faith and should not be left in between.

    Guidelines of the pooja

    A Yantra is a mystical diagram used as a charm. They help in resonating positive energies, dispersing the negative ones and spiritually elevating indivisuals. Yantras intensify prayers and turn thoughts strong and influential. They make prayers resonate with deities sooner and help in bringing the believer on the spiritual path. The following procedure should be followed while performing a Yantra pooja:

    ·       Foremost, cleanse your body and begin with an optimistic mind setup.

    ·       Sit down on an Asan (mat) with your face towards East.

    ·       Light an incense stick or diya (It does not matter how many you light).

    ·       Place fragrant flowers and fresh fruit on the altar.

    ·       Unfasten the Yantra and keep it along with the picture of the idol of yantra and your ISHT God

    ·       Use leaf of any tree to sprinkle the holy water on yourself as well as the yantra.

    ·       Concentrate on the deity to bless you with wishes with closed eyes. Now honesty, request God to grant you the wish of your life that you sought to be fulfilled.

    ·       Recite the exact mantra of the yantra at least nine times.

    Signficance of the yantra

    Vedas depict that Sudarshana Chakra is a manifestation of Lord’s spiritual potency. This Yantra not only chastise the demons but also uplifts the consciousness of living beings. It helps the believers to unfetter from all the sins and attain salvation.

    According to scriptures

    According to hindu mythology, yantras are referred as the abodes of divine power of God. They are regarded as devices of spiritual and objects to direct humans towards dedication to the Almighty. They are considered as tools for mental concentration and meditation. If mantras for these yantras are recited properly, shall release the person from the cycle of birth and death. Thus, yantras are highly efficient tool for tapping into certain deities or creative force centers in this universe and getting a step closer to attain inner peace.


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