Shree Hanuman Yantra Shree Hanuman Yantra Shree Hanuman Yantra Shree Hanuman Yantra Shree Hanuman Yantra Shree Hanuman Yantra
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Shree Hanuman Yantra

Shree Hanuman Yantra

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    Shree Hanuman Yantra

    ~// Manojavam maruta tulya vegam,
    jitendriyam buddhi mataam varishtham
    Vaataatmajam vaanara yuth mukhyam,

    Shree raama dootam sharnam prapadye //~

    Named as the Monkey God, Lord Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Ram and has played a vital role in the great Hindu epic of Ramayana. The great son of the God of Air, Vayu and Anjani Devi, Lord Hanuman is symbolized for his selfless service and valour. The Shree Hanuman Yantra has been specially designed for the devotees who face troubles in their life and also for people who are believed to be disturbed by evil spirits. Worshipping the Yantra gives them the needed valour, prosperity to lead a happy life and gets rid of all the bad magic that has been troubling a person. Worshipping the Yantra on a daily basis helps the devotees to become more knowledgeable and reach a state of divinity. The Yantra needs to be worshipped with utmost dedication and devotion to get the full benefit of it.


    How to establish the Yantra?

    The Yantra in all its sanctity has been energized by the pundits before it is sold to the individual. Therefore, it must never be opened just like that without making the proper arrangements for its establishment in the house. The individual must make sure that he has all the right Pooja materials before starting the process. The main materials to be taken are,

    ·      A clean washed cloth

    ·      A separate table or a pedestal

    ·      Separate cloth for patting the Yantra dry after the ritual

    ·      Holy water or rose water and milk that is not boiled

    ·      Incense stick with holder and matchsticks

    ·      Lamp with wick and either ghee or clarified butter

    Before establishing select the proper place where you need the Shree Hanuman Yantra to be kept for prayer. This can be along with the other deities in the specified Pooja room or can be kept in the wallet or can be hung around the neck as a small pendant. Wherever the place is, one must wait till Tuesday to start the establishment of the Yantra in the house.

    Specific instructions need to be followed after getting all the materials ready and before starting the establishment, such as:

    ·      Take a proper and purifying hair bath.

    ·      Clean the entire household.

    ·      Wear clean saffron clothes.

    ·      Apply turmeric to the feet.

    ·      Decide upon a proper place for the establishment of the Yantra.

    ·      Chant the Hanuman Chalisa for 11 or 21 times.

    ·      Clean the Yantra with either the holy water or the rose water and the milk that has not been boiled.

    ·      Place offerings of either 108 flowers or betel leaves and 5 bananas.

    ·      Light the lamp with wick and ghee along with the incense sticks and keep near the Yantra.

    ·      Chant the Shloka on the Yantra for 11 or 21 times.


    Guidelines for Pooja

    The Pooja needs to be done on a regular basis and needs to be done with utmost devotion especially on the Tuesdays to receive the full benefit of the Shree hanuman Yantra. People performing the Pooja must refrain from talking lies, speak only good words and organise meetings to help other people. On a regular basis,

    ·      Take a purifying hair bath.

    ·      Wear washed and clean saffron clothes.

    ·      Have limited Sathvik food every day.

    ·      Light the lamp with ghee and place the lighted incense sticks near the Yantra.

    ·      Chant the Shloka 11 or 21 times.

    Undertaking the cleaning process of the Yantra needs to be done on a periodical basis meticulously. As time passes, the colour of the Yantra will see a change and rest assured this has got nothing to do with the powers that it possesses, and it is natural. For cleansing,

    ·      Wear clean saffron clothes after taking the hair bath.

    ·      Clean the Yantra with either holy water or rose water and milk that has not been boiled.

    ·      Use a clean cloth to pat dry the Yantra.

    ·      Take some sandalwood paste and mark the corners of the Yantra with it and apply kumkum over the sandalwood paste.


    Significance/Practical benefits

    The Yantra reaps its full benefits if the Pooja is done properly. The Yantra, energized by Lord Hanuman, helps the people who are faced with troubles and those being followed by evil spirits or bad magic.


    According to scriptures

    Lord Hanuman, the son of Vayu and Anjani, was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and helped him to a great extent in rescuing his wife Sita from the asura Raavan. Lord Hanuman, at a young age, had tried to catch the Sun thinking it to be a mango fruit when he was hungry. Lord Hanuman had got his characteristic lips after being hit by Lord Surya (Sun God) when he had tried grabbing the sun mistaking it for fruit. He helped Lord Ram by killing the demoness Lankini, who was the guardian of the gates to Lanka. He carried the entire Sanjeevini Mountain in order to get the medicinal herbs after Lord Lakshman got injured from being hit by the astra (magic weapon) during the Great War in the Ramayana.



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