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Shree Navgrah Yantra

Shree Navgrah Yantra
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    Shri Sampoorna Navgrah Yantra


    ~// Om Suryai Namah, Chandrayai Namah, Budhayai Namah,
    Brahaspatiyai Namah, Mangalai Namah, Shukrai Namah,
    Shani ae namah, Rahu ae Namah, Ketu ae namah, Navgrahe Namah //~


    Traditionally, Yantra is a Sanskrit word that is used for a tool with occult powers for magical benefits to remove any kind of remorse or bad times in the life of people in Indian religions. It’s a kind of talisman which has a Mantra inscribed over it. People wear, depict, enact and concentrate on the Yantra to have spiritual benefits and also to balance their mind and focus in the right direction. This Navgrah Yantra is a mystical diagram of nine planets and is considered quite major for being the only Yantra for all 9 grahs in Indian mythology. It is the most powerful Yantra as it possesses the powers of all nine planets in one place and so bestows the benefits of all nine planets on the worshipper. Often according to the astrology, it is the nine planets held responsible for all hardships in life despite working hard and in such cases the choice of Navgrah Yantra proves to be the best. The Navgrah Maha Yantra includes nine other Yantras corresponding to the planets which are:

    v Budha Yantra

    v Shukra Yantra

    v Chandra Yantra

    v Brihaspati Yantra

    v Surya Yantra

    v Mangal Yantra

    v Ketu Yantra

    v Rahu Yantra

    v Shani Yantra

    How to establish the Yantra?

    This particular Yantra is a combination of Yantras, for all nine planets divided into nine squares and each square representing the Deity of the respective planet. Each planet is required to fight against the evil influences to destroy all the evil ones within their planetary configuration. All the Yantras consist of geometric patterns which have high cosmic energy. The eyes and mind should concentrate in full harmony to increase the level of consciousness.


    A Yantra has to be prepared in a holy manner according to certain instructions and guidelines to get as much benefit as possible. This Yantra is a square area and is divided into nine equal squares. Each square is marked with the respective planet like in the centre Sun is marked and directly above it is Venus. To the left of Sun is Jupiter and to the right is Mars. The upper right and left corners are marked as Moon and Mercury respectively while the lower left is Ketu and lower left right is Rahu. Each planet has a symbol which has its own representations.


    It should be washed well with rose water or the milk and rinsed properly with water and then kept dry. This will change the colour of Yantra in some time which does not affect its powers. It should be always kept facing East or North in a sacred altar. It is also pre-energised by enchanting the one’s own name and Gotra to get maximum benefits. Then the holy Mantra given above is enchanted.

    Guidelines for Pooja:


    1.     First of all the body is purified and always start with a clear and positive mind.

    2.     Sit in a place which is east facing so that no one disturbs you. Your concentration should be high.


    3.     Light the incense or the diya.

    4.     Lay a fresh fruit and fresh flower at the altar.

    5.     Open the Yantra and place it along with the image of the deity of Yantra and your own ISHT god.

    6.     Take the water with any leaf taken from any tree and sprinkle the water on yourself and then sprinkle it over the Yantra too.

    7.     Close the eyes sincerely and wish to the deity of God whatever you want and bless you with all the wishes. This is followed by enchanting the Mantra of the Navgrah Yantra.

    Significance/Practical Benefits

    This Mantra has great significance in relation to the nine planets it represents. It is the only Yantra used to pacify the nine planets and wade off all the malicious effects of the nine planets (nav = nine, grahs = planets). All the individuals whose birth chart charts depicts any negative positioning of the nine planets that can have any malefic effects on the health, prosperity and peace of mind; should worship this Yantra. It is known to remove any stress, anxiety and all obstacles of life thereby leading to a triumphant life in an honest way. It is known to bless the individual with a name, fame, power, financial success, peace and harmony in married life as well.

    According to the Scriptures

    In Hindu Mythology, it is observed that almost all Vedic Mantras start with the word “OM” which forms as an expressive symbol for the word GOD. These Mantras when enchanted with utmost devotion and faith, they often become the source of infinite power which makes the individual enlightened with the power of God, and he attains the eternal peace which guides him through the path of immortality.





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