Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra
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Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra

Shree Sai Nath Besa Yantra

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    Shree Sai Nath Beesa Yantra

    ~// Om Sri Sadguru Sai Nathaya Namah //~



    These Yantras are so influential that they have become an important part of our lives today. It is considered to be the best remedy for all wrong happenings in life. They are basically a tool which is often used to enhance the lives of people in different dimensions. Each Yantra is made for some specific purpose, and each of them reverberates in different ways. The list of tensions starting from love to not getting promotion in office, everything in our life is said to be controlled by these dynamic Yantras. Shree Sai Nath Beesa Yantra is also one of these kinds which are used to pave the way for success, prosperity and peace of mind in life. This Yantra worships Sai Baba, whose love for his disciples is well known. He is known for his generous behaviour, and his followers have a deep faith in his blessing and showers.



    How to establish the Yantra?


    Yantras are divine verses and texts which have to be energised and revived before the Pooja is carried out. The learned saints or Purohits know the technique very well. They know how to make the Yantras active to attract all the positive blessings and get best of results. One thing to be specially noted is that you should not allow anyone to touch the Yantra. It should be kept in a religious place for worshipping, and it should be well cleaned with milk or rose water to make it purer. The learned Purohits also recite the Mantra of Sai Baba 108 thousand times for its rejuvenation. Panch Amrit water should also be offered and along with sandalwood paste to Yantra.



    Guidelines for the Pooja

    Remembering our revered Gods and Sai Baba, follow this procedure:


    1.     Firstly, the body and soul is purified and then, always start with a clearly positive mind frame.

    2.     Find yourself a place which is east facing and a quiet place to continue the Pooja peacefully.

    3.     Light the incense of the diya in front of Sai Baba.

    4.     The Sadhak must keep in mind the image of the Deity of his “ISHT” God while performing the Pooja.

    5.     Sprinkle some holy water over the Yantra and upon yourself.

    6.     Unbroken rice or white flower along with fruits, betel nuts and betel leaves are to be offered to the Yantra.

    7.     Placing the Yantra in front of your ISHT God and respective God of Yantra and chant this following Beej Mantra for 21 times.


    ~// Om Sri Sadguru Sai Nathaya Namah //~


    8.     Finally, conclude your Pooja by asking from the God what your heart actually wants and desires.



    Significance/Practical Benefits


    Worshipping this Yantra helps in strengthening the positive influence of the planets and destroys all its malefic effects thereby neutralizing the negative effect. It pacifies all the negativities and helps us to impress them and bring health, wealth and success in the house. It provides them divine protection and removes all curses and obstacles from the lives of worshippers, hence solving their problems. Sai Baba blesses his worshipper with divine strength, wisdom and courage to fight with evils and come out as triumphant. This Yantra increases the willpower and helps in healing all negative emotions, thus supporting to focus on the dreams and make them come true.



    According to the Scriptures


    Ancient scriptures created by the Saints and Sadhus are now called as Yantras. They were made to assist people in getting rid of all their difficulties and enlighten them about the true meaning of life. The Hindu Purohits wrote them with a perspective of making it easier for people to search the divine path. The hidden meaning of every Mantra in some way connects to the circle of life and immortality. The Gods are said to reside in these powerful Yantras and to connect with them, definitely your mind, body and soul should be pure enough to feel the connection. Mantras recited during the Pooja, have religious words which have to be carefully read and pronounced to get the correct meaning and not to miss out their effects. They are tough because they are written in Sanskrit, a much prevalent language in the traditional times.


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