Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra
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Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra

Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra

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    Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra

    "Om Tripurai Cha Vidhmahe Bhairavai Cha Dhimahi Tannao Devi Prachaudayat" 

    According to traditional beliefs, there are spiritual solutions available to problems that are faced by individuals in the day to day life. Similarly according to the Hindu Scriptures, the Yantras are believed to cure and remove troubles by worshipping them religiously. Under the tantric traditions, there are various types of Yantras that are worshipped for various problems or reasons. Each Yantra worships a particular Deity, who is worshipped particularly to resolve certain problems. The Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra worships Goddess Bhairavi, who is well known to help individuals overcome fears, feelings of doubts, anxiety, and malicious spirits and bless her worshippers with bravery and strength.


    How to establish the Yantra?

    The Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra is a very powerful Yantra and it is known to bring about effective results if it is worshipped with faith and in the correct manner. There are specific rituals to be followed while worshipping the Yantra. Before the use of the Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra, it is important that it is purified and energised so that it can produce the desired results. The Yantra can be established and fully energised only by learned and profound Pandits and Purohits.

    The establishment of the Yantra should be done on Saturday night preferably after 10 pm. To fully energise the Yantra, the Mantra should be chanted 5 lakh times along with other Mantras.


    Guidelines for the Pooja

    Goddess Bhairavi is believed to be in the sixth position of the Das MahaVidyas. The Goddess is believed to have strong and mighty powers to eradicate evil forces existing upon an individual totally. The Goddess is treated as a motherly figure and is believed to cure feelings of anxiety and fear. Goddess Bhairavi is also known as Tripur Bhairavi. The Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra is known to worship Goddess Bhairavi. There are specific rituals to be followed to be followed, which are mentioned below.

    1.     The Pooja of the Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra should be done only on Saturdays after 10 pm.

    2.     Before the Pooja, the person conducting the Pooja should properly bathe and wear red robes.

    3.     The individual should sit in the south direction on a woollen mat and conduct the Pooja.

    4.     Then take a wooden seat, put a red cloth on it and place an image of Goddess Bhairavi on it.

    5.     The Shree Tripur Bhairavi Yantra should be placed on rose petals.

    6.     One should place on the right side of the Yantra black sesame seeds. On the sesame seeds place a Madhurupen rudraksh.

    7.     Then with a calm and peaceful mind, the individual should pray to Goddess Bhairavi to fulfil their desires and wishes.

    8.     One should then place red flowers on the rudraksh and chant the Mantra.

    9.     After this one should have a mustard oil lamp lit and offer fruit to Goddess Bhairavi.

    10.  Following this step, a vermillion mark should be put on the Yantra and then with a white Hakeek rosary, chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

    "Om Tripurai Cha Vidhmahe Bhairavai Cha Dhimahi Tannao Devi Prachaudayat" 

    11.  After chanting the Mantra, one should permanently place the picture of Goddess Bhairavi on the Yantra and remove the remaining articles.

    12.  The remaining articles should be wrapped in a red cloth and should be flown in a river or a pond.


    Significance/ Practical Benefits

    An individual might face many troubles during his lifetime and to solve problems of anxiety, protection against evil forces, fear and many other problems can be solved by worshipping the Yantra of Goddess Bhairavi. The Goddess is known to break down evil spirits and bring positivity in the lives of worshippers.


    According to the Scriptures

    The Yantras according to the tantric traditions are worshipped faithfully by worshippers to attain positivity and divine blessings. Worshipping the Yantras is believed to bring peace and well-being to the lives of the worshipper. The Shree Tripura Bhairavi Yantra worships the Tripura Bhairavi Goddess, who destroys the evil that is harming the physical and financial well-being of the person and bring prosperity and contentment in the life of the worshipper. Individuals have been believing in Yantras for years and faithfully practising the rituals prescribed to worship them.



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